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Something for Interchangeable lens camera manufacturers to think about

I think the lens release button should be a electronically controlled button with access from the menus. You could leave it 'on' in travel mode (no access to the button) or 'off' in the field when you need to change lenses rapidly. If you are travelling with just once lens, it could always be 'on'. Ofcourse if you are unlucky your lens might get stolen just when the lock is off.

But if the thieves cannot get your lens, they will probably grab the camera and run, but that's another story. If they cannot open a safe, they run off with the safe :-).

It would be a good idea also as once it is a electronic button it could control power to the body/lens circuit pins and it would prevent many users from changing lenses whilst the camera is on thus preventing damage to the equipment. Just a thought... and if incorporated in future cameras please remember where the idea came from

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