"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Further clarification

Some of the folks commenting seem to think I'm looking for something very specific in the Art Director challenge. I'm not. Oh, I wish I could because that is pretty much the job of an art director. If I was given a hundred photos, I'd pare them down to ten and let voters decide. I rarely get a hundred submissions and I can rarely gather ten that I would submit to a client. Let's face it, the quality of entries in the challenges is not quite what it was back in the beginning. That's not a dig at anyone here or in any challenge, it's just the nature of the thing.

Submitting sample pictures is a bit of a risk. In some cases it's required because it does not take to description well. I tend not to include samples so as not to influence the submissions too much and I often do not have a suitable image (my portfolio is devoid of soccer balls, bees and raised fists).

When I refer to people (mis)interpreting the rules so much, I'm referring to such things as, oh, a photo of a painting of a bundle of wires. Well they are wires and it is a photo, so ... keep it or toss it? What if they're a jumble of coat hanger? You can use those to improve your television signal, so those should count, right? You see what I mean.

Finally, I like the idea of a difficult challenge. I rarely enter them any more because I don't find them particularly ... well, challenging. I like creating challenging challenges by tying them to something realistic. I know I could host a cat challenge every week and be inundated with entries, but where's the fun in that?

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