EOS-M noise reduction settings

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Re: EOS-M noise reduction settings

NCB wrote:

I approached the EOS-M as if it was the D3100. Used Av mode with the aperture at f/10, which I reckoned would give good enough depth of field without being diffraction limited. ISO 100 which I assumed would give minimal noise. Shutter speed ended up around 1/150 - 1/200 depending on condition. And I made sure that it was focusing on something distant (at least, that's what it said it was doing). The lens is the 18-55 kit zoom.

Since the first post I've tried it on landscape mode. Depth of field seems just a bit better, although that's not really the issue. But noise reduction is still messing up the detail where it matters. Anyway, you've given me a few ideas, and I may try raw just to see what the result is.

it's not noise reduction.

f/10 if you are critically inspecting at 100% is most certainly diffraction limited - by f/10 or so you are losing around 10% of your resolution via diffraction.  you could also be losing more via CA depending on how well it was clamped (or if you have that enabled).

but it really depends on how you are viewing these - if you look at your d3100 or even P&S camera at the same sized print as the EOS-M I doubt you'd see more detail on either versus the M.

the ability to "see diffraction" or the effects of diffraction is really based upon the image size, f stop and observer distance - the M image will certainly be larger then the D3100 viewing both at 100% - diffraction will be more evident.

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