Photoshop 7 scan artifacts

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Re: Photoshop 7 scan artifacts

JulesJ wrote:

Thomas Niemann wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

I didn't know there was a PhotoShop 7. Where did you buy it? I thought after PS CS6 it is now CC

Photoshop 7 was released in March 2002.

I think you must mean Elements, there is no PhotoShop 7

Photoshop is over 20 years old. Originally it was numbered version 1 through 7, and then after that it was Photoshop CS through CS6 when it was part of the Creative Suite. Now it is part of the Creative Cloud (CC) with no version numbers I guess.

If you don't believe this, next time you are in the latest Photoshop look in the About screen and look at what it says for Version because it is going to say 14.0. This is because version 8 was CS, v9 was CS2... v13 was CS6 and version 14 is Photoshop CC.

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