"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Re: No Kidding

Skylane wrote:

walkaround wrote:

Skylane wrote:

I would say the winning entries did so on content. Your entry was mundane, nothing unusual or different, something seen every day. The winning entries are not something you see much of (at least in the US) these days. Still I do think you are an artist, you have the arrogance.

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Yes, by all means novelty should trump everything else in photography.

While we're talking, can I please see your non-mundane photography? Your gallery is empty.

No. I have no need for my photos to be used on other web sites, in particular Chinese as has often happened here.

I am not a photographer or want to be. My post was my honest opinion of your photo, your righteous sounding indignation and dising of other peoples work.

So you just come to dpreview to post snarky comments in threads that don't concern you? What a sad life.

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