"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Re: From the Art Director

jezsik wrote:

As the challenge host, I had some preconceived ideas as to what would work for this imaginary newspaper article. I was quite hoping for some brightly lit spools of colorful wire or side lit macros of wires spewing from some sort of electronic device. Sadly, there were an awful lot of pictures of sky ... which don't look so good in a newspaper.

Were I to play the role of a real Art Director, I would have returned nearly all the entries. The one that best illustrates the article is the 15th place finisher. The 9th place, Signal Flow, and 18th place finisher, Colorful Wires, were also quite good.

I've come to expect the unexpected in these challenges, with people (mis)interpreting the rules any which way they can to get their entry in. The sad part is the number of barely acceptable images. This challenge is a good example. There are very few really good photos in the whole lot. Granted, people don't shoot many wires, so it was, in the true sense of the word, a challenge. I doubt many folks went out to shoot specifically for this challenge, so we have a pretty lackluster showing. I think voters were just giving higher votes to things with more wires rather than artistic interpretation.

If people misinterpreted this challenge, as it's suggested that I did, then I would say it's because of your title "I Dream Of Wires", which I really liked, but which is contrary to the description in the rules. The "I" in the title to me suggested the photo should contain a person or at least an animal or consciousness relating to the wires. This is why I thought my photo did fit the challenge.

Your insulting all the participants only further convinces me that these challenges are only challenges in the sense of navigating arbitrarily enforced rules and subjective interpretations, not to mention the outright cheating, and ".5 star bandits".

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