Quick opinions on Nikon prime lens for D7000, and reliability of lens review websites

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Re: Quick opinions on Nikon prime lens for D7000, and reliability of lens review websites

EyesHigh wrote:

Firstly, can prime lenses be used for landscape / nature photography and if so how well suited are they?

Absolutely they can and are used for landscape. All else being equal, the 24mm setting on a zoom lens is also equal to a 24mm prime lens.

Any focal length can be used as a landscape lens. Generally wide angles are more popular for wide vistas, but you might need a telephoto. For example, I had a series of buttes out in Navajo country I wanted the full moon rising as the sun set. I knew from where to where I wanted the image. The problem was to get that perspective with a wide angle, I"d be shooting up from the valley floor which I didn't' want.

I knew I had to move back about a mile or so and be at around 2/3rds as high as the main butte. I also wanted a little foreground framing. Fortunately, there was a small mountain back there and a Navajo guide who claimed he could get me and my gear up to this flat area I pointed out.

Once up there, I realized that only a telephoto could get the framing I now needed. I used a Sigma 150 APO Macro lens for an over a mile landscape shot. So you can see how atypical that can be. You have to match the focal length to the job at hand. That telephoto was the only possible type lens which could have captured what I wanted without seriously cropping the capture. Oh, and this is not an HDR.

Secondly, in researching prime lens options across a small number of sites

Like everyone, I like to go look at testing sites. One big problem I have is the lack of sample size. The first thing you learn in High School statistics is the danger of using a small sample size. The smaller you use, the more unreliable the conclusions. Most of the ones I've seen only test one lens and report based on that. If that lens is an outlier, oh well.

Thirdly, the prime lenses I am considering at this stage are the Nikon 50mm 1.4D, 1.8G, or 1.8D, and the Nikon 35mm 1.8 G; opinions and experiences with any of these? (Any other, perhaps wider, prime lens options?)

Nikon 50 f/1.8G

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