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Re: It's a shame...

RickD wrote:

We all agree with you on an emotional level, but right doesn't make might. Best to think through your response in advance. There were at least six of them (you wouldn't know that ahead of time, but in this situation it is probably safe to assume you are outnumbered.). They came to steal from tourists, so they are likely to be armed and have likely thought through what they will do if a victim attacks one of them. If you do so with a weapon it likely won't end well for you.

Best to have recognized and avoided the situation. Failing that, make a lot of noise, grab your equipment and run to a safe location if you can. Give it up if you have to. IMO attacking one of these guys would be a bad move.

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Well, I find one advantage for me in this situation: most likely they don't expect a tourist to have a weapon. They attack apparently easy targets, therefore might be at least surprised when I show my weapon. If they don't run, I shoot. Heck, even if they run: they're pure junk.

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