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Re: EOS-M noise reduction settings

Thanks for the replies. A bit of background. My main piece of kit is a Nikon D3100 used almost entirely with the excellent Nikon 16-85 IS zoom. I've just returned from an extended Scottish trip where in all weathers (mostly rough!) it delivered the goods. In other words, I knew what I wanted, I expected to get it, and I did. However, I need something I can stick in a rucksack for extended walks, for which the D3100 is a bit on the big/heavy side. In fact I took 4 cameras, the other three being the 8400, a Nikon P7100 which I'd grabbed at a low end-of-line price not long  before going, and a Panasonic G1 which I bought when it came out, attracted by its relatively low size and weight (plus the 14-45 kit lens had a good reputation). I wanted to see how I felt about the lot of them together.

As I said, the D3100 delivered. The G1 is also good, except I've reservations about the colours, and it's tricky trying to fix that fully; others might think they're fine, maybe its just a question of taste, I like the camera but the D3100 is better. The 8400 is as I knew it would be, good lens sharpness, reasonable colours, but it's 8 years old and you see it in more tricky lighting, and it has a lousy EVF. The P7100 has great controls, a pretty good and very useful 28-200 zoom, but the colours are plain odd, biased much too much towards blue/green, so that dull days are fine, even impressive, but put a bit of sun in and it looks grim. And, you can't turn noise reduction off, so I lose fine detail. Like I found with the EOS-M. When I came back, I realised I hadn't sorted the 8400 replacement question, found a good offer on the EOS-M, thought that could do it, so bought it.

I don't shoot raw, I don't have time. What time I do have I'd rather spend out there getting pictures rather than follow a raw workflow. I do tweak every pic for sharpness, tone and so on (I normally shoot 1/3 of a stop under, and set low contrast or equivalent such ADL on the D3100 to avoid blown highlights, and turn sharpness down, so tweaking is needed), but that's it, and it's quick. It means that I look for cameras with good jpeg engines; the Fuji X-E1 interested me on that score, but the EOS-M was available at a knock-down price and I thought I'd give it a go.

I  approached the EOS-M as if it was the D3100. Used Av mode with the aperture at f/10, which I reckoned would give good enough depth of field without being diffraction limited. ISO 100 which I assumed would give minimal noise. Shutter speed ended up around 1/150 - 1/200 depending on condition. And I made sure that it was focusing on something distant (at least, that's what it said it was doing).  The lens is the 18-55 kit zoom.

Since the first post I've tried it on landscape mode. Depth of field seems just a bit better, although that's not really the issue. But noise reduction is still messing up the detail where it matters. Anyway, you've given me a few ideas, and I may try raw just to see what the result is.

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