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Re: Come off it.....

JP Scherrer wrote:

Future user wrote:

It's a shame these sons of bitches are free on the streets and not in jail. Unfortunately this is the world we live in: either you protect yourself or you are in risk. And now I know what to do If I ever go to St. Petersburg: I'll keep a weapon inside my bag. If these or another bastards have the bad luck to find me, they'll have no time to say goodbye to their families...

As big and strong as you might be, do you think for one minute that you would win a fight with these guys ???

...and about keeping a weapon in your bag ? How old are you ? You watch too much gangsta movies on TV, man ! Grow up and be realistic: just DO NOT GO to places KNOWN to be dangerous, or else, do not bring a visible camera !

Don't forget that you are on THEIR territory and as soon as you walk in the streets, as a tourist you are a LIVING TARGET ! ....and do not count on the local police to help you !


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I always take maximum precautions against thieves when travelling. Fortunately I haven't had to use my weapon yet, but I do feel more secure having it with me when travelling. Worst case, it's either my life or the thieves life. I'll have little doubt then.

Anyway, I'm sure that if I shot one of these thieves, the others will run away like rats. If not, I'll try to be fast, very fast

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