How to learn Windows 8?

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Re: How to learn Windows 8?

HDProman wrote:

Many thanks to everyone, I have made a decision based on all your good advice.

I will learn to use Windows 8 as Microsoft intended and only then include the desktop mode.

I may be misunderstanding, but using nothing but metro apps is not the way it is intended to be used.  The desktop is still very much a part of the OS, there are just other aspects available.

After I have the basics down I will look into using something like the Classic Shell.

I have ordered Windows 8 the missing manual and per your suggestions I will use the videos available from Microsoft.

After all the above I then most likely will upgrade to Windows 8.1 and should be in a good position to evaluate whether or not the upgrade is an improvement.

Thanks again to everyone, you have been a big help.


Sounds like a good plan.  You may even find you don't want/need classic shell.  If you have any questions feel free to come back here.  I'm sure I or others would be happy to help.

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