Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

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Re: What about the Panasonic LX7?

A RX100 1 sensor will trump a LX7 or LX5 with less fine noise at 100%. Regardless of how good the light is, the larger sensor always looks more film-like to my eyes (with less sharpening and noise reduction usually applied in smaller sensors, less is required in larger sensors, especially in mid to low light.) That said, a m43 sensor will trump a 1 sensor. I have looked at files on Nikon 1 compared to m43 files at 400 iso to 800 iso to 1600 iso and the m43 usually looks better and more film like (of course, and even larger sensors are even better - APSC and FF). Tradeoff is overall size with lens attached, so RX100 may be the perfect choice for you for very small compact with good IQ.

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