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Re: K 85mm f1.8

yardcoyote wrote:

I'm a walking around photographer, shooting mostly pets, plants, cars, street scenes, casual landscapes and portraits, things in museums, weird architecture details-- just anything I see that catches my interest or that I may want to record. I also enjoy dabbling in macro, shooting flowers and bugs and things. My little Canon point and shoot has surprisingly strong macro capabilities. You can see why I am also considering compact cameras, and would have a digital Leica if I could afford one.

My favorite lenses are and were always primes. My everyday camera was my beloved K1000 (the Brick) with the excellent 85 mm portrait lens on it. I shot everything with that lens. I also used a fast 35 mm, the 55 mm macro, and we had a pancake lens (was it a 40 mm? a 45?) that my husband used to carry on an MX body. That was a very tiny combination. I still have all these lenses and would love to give them a new lease on life.

I'm sure if I get a K30 I will also eventually be in the market for a modern autofocus prime to carry on the camera when I don't feel like focusing for myself.

Hello yardcoyote

You can find here in the Forum a lot member, who also use the old K or even the m42 Takumar lens. And they post wonderful pictures with them.

A good K lens is still a good lens on a new Pentax DSLR ... and they are now shake reduced !

A picture with my old ist DS and the K 85mm f1.8 :

and now the lens on the K5 (sorry for the boring test picture, but I think you still see the IQ and bokeh)

at ca f2:

and at ca. f8

I made the last two pictures at ISO 3200 and the last picture at a 1/30sec shutter speed, and it's sharp thanks to the SR.

best regards kikivrany

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carpe noctem

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