Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

yardcoyote wrote:

Would you recommend buying into Pentax at this time?  If you have experience with both the Pentax and the Canon, which would you recommend to a DSLR newbie who has some basic knowledge of photography?

What kind of pictures do you want to take? For all-round photography I'd say get the Pentax because it's a lot of camera for the money.

If you have ambitious sports, action or wildlife as a priority, I'd say get a midrange Canon (not a rebel) beacuse of the better availability of long, large-aperture, fast-focussing lenses in the Canon system. You can do casual sports or wildlife just fine with Pentax though.

So it all comes down to the lenses you want. The Pentax lens gems are the primes. If you're into handheld lowlight work you'll like the Pentax system, where all lenses gain stabilisation, also the primes. The Canon lens gems are the big zooms and the supertelephotos like the 500, 600 and 800mm monsters.

What old K-mount lenses do you have in your cupboard? They'll all work fine on modern K-mount DSLRs.


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