Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Re: Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

The sad truth is that my son and daughter-in-law are content with their cell phone camera for anything even vacations.  My daughter and I both share a love for "real" cameras that be experimented with for various settings and scenes.  Yes, she has a smart phone with a good camera but doesn't use it if a "real" camera is available.  And with three cameras (DSLR, superzoom, and point and shoot) in the house, there is always one available:).  In fact, I've been on a quest for a camera to fit inbetween the super zoom and the point and shoot and have just about settled on the LX7.  (Of course, when I get it I'll probably read that the LX9 or something similar is coming out because that's "Murphy's Law" of cameras in my life.)  Nothing can take away though my enjoyment of remembering lugging a heavy 35mm Minolta around England for a week in the 70s or also in NYC twice.  Awww...memories!  Cell phone cameras just don't suffice for me!

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