Where did you go Minoltians

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Back when it was new, I had a Minolta SRT 100. Nice camera. My first 35mm. That got stolen in the early '80's, and was replaced with a Pentax K-1000.

But around here I started with a D7i, which I upgraded to an A1. Was never really tempted by the A2.

Then I left for an Oly E-510, mostly to get better dynamic range. I kludged an evf by strapping a loupe to the live view lcd.

I stuck with that, and waited, and waited, for a high end micro four thirds. Finally got an OMD EM5 when that came out. I'll probably stick with it for a while and buy lenses, until sensor technology makes meaningful improvements. Ah, but I still wish I had the pivoting evf of the Minoltas.

Recently my A1 came back to me from the teenager I gave it to. I may try using it for timelapse photography, if I ever find the time.

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