High Speed Sync with Wireless Triggers

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Re: And the ittls are HSS

This answer is way late, I know, but I use my Yongnuo ST-E2 (3rd party Canon TTL transmitter) on my Fuji X100 to trigger my Nikon SB-700.  I can get 1/4000th sec. sync with it.  I set the Nikon SB-700 speedlight on Remote>SU-4 and the Fuji X100 External Flash to Commander, and do nothing to the Yongnuo ST-E2 Transmitter.

This technique may be widely known but in case anyone out there is trying to figure this one out, I hope this helps.  It is not TTL of course with the speedlight and camera set manually.  Works great!

I also use generic radio transmitters/receivers with the Fuji X100 and various speedlights but can't get beyond 1/1000th sec. with them.  I'm sure this varies with different brands of radio transmitter systems (mine are cheap yet work very well with speedlights and my Alien Bees strobes).

Lastly, I've used a DIY filter (made of red, green, and blue flash gels) to black out my on-board Fuji X100 flash.  This allows my Fuji to trigger the SB-700 (without adding to the exposure) at high shutter speeds but prefer to use the ST-E2 transmitter instead.

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