SEL 1650 on a 5N - portability and ease of use advice?

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Re: SEL 1650 on a 5N - portability and ease of use advice?

The 16-50 may not change the portability as much as you think. I've had both lenses.

Neither combination will fit in jeans pockets. Both will fit in my coat pocket, but a small coat pocket may fit the 16-50 but not 18-55.

The 5N body is very slim, so you'll find that the height (tripod mount to shutter button) is actually smaller than the depth (lens to screen) with the 16-50 mounted. What this means is that you don't put the camera in a coat pocket with the lens facing out, as you may imagine. You actually put it in with lens facing up, as the shorter height vs. depth makes the lens-up carry-style bulge outward less than the lens-outward carry-style will bulge. Because of this, I realized that I can carry the 18-55 just as easily, as it just sticks up further in the pocket with no extra bulge.

Initial thought suggests the 18-55 is twice as long so it bulges twice as much sticking outward. When you realize that you're going to put the lens upwards (along, not perpendicular to your body) the size becomes less important. The only real constraint would be if your coat pocket wasn't tall enough to fit the 18-55, and then the 16-50 would help.

Since neither combination fits in jeans pockets, it means I'm already going to have to wear a vest or jacket or use my wife's diaper bag or purse. At that point, I can carry either equally. As my wife put it, if it's going in a purse anyway, the size difference doesn't matter. I suggest evaluating how the smaller size would really affect you, or just buy both and sell whichever you don't use.

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