the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am not sure it will be named D4x. I believe the rest to be highly probable. Maybe (s), maybe anything. I do think the higher ISO, increased mp (the D4 needs more) faster fps, low noise, and pro body (along with improved video) will be the attraction.

Josh152 wrote:

Jane79 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

We shall see. I have been wrong before - but right more often. I really think the D4x would have sports shooters as primary customers. Sometimes dim lighting - sometimes really rough conditions (think about a football photographer being blown over by a 250 pound running back). I think a higher fps and higher ISO, combined with a really tough camera will go a long ways. But that's just an opinion (I worked my way through college as a sports photographer and got knocked on my a$$ many times.)

The x has always been the slower, higher resolution camera. If Nikon releases a replacement for the D4, they will not name it D4x.

D1H (2.7MP/5fps) - D1x (5.3MP/3fps)
D2H(s) (4.1MP/8fps) - D2x(s) (12.2MP/5fps)
D3(s) (12MP/9fps) - D3x (24.5MP/5fps)
D4 (16.4MP/10-11fps) - D4x (???)

The new generation x has always at least doubled its predecessor's resolution. ~50MP is what would be expected, 74MP would be a surprise, but who knows, 36MP was unexpected too.


Again like you say you are talking about a completely different camera than what a D4X would be and it would have nothing to do with the D4X existing or not. What you describe would be a D4H or maybe D4S and probably be meant to replace the D4.  I would not be surprised to see a camera like that come out from Nikon what ever it's called. I could see it having maybe a 20-24 megapixel sensor, perhaps the one from the D600, a new AF system to better compete with canon's, and 10-15 FPS if Nikon can pull off those speeds with that may megapixels.  Actually I was surprised the D4 was such a conservative update compared to the rest of Nikon's new line and it may indicate Nikon is having trouble getting 10+ fps with larger file sizes.

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