Debating between the RX100 and Nikon 1 or Micro 4/3

Started Jul 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP David Banner Senior Member • Posts: 2,358
Thanks for the advice, off to NY to visit B&H now

Thanks for all the advice in this thread.  I thought I decided on the J3 but holding it in the store, the V2 felt much much better.  And the V2 is a bit bigger than I like..  which leads me back to the RX100.  I took my LX3 to lunch today.  It's a pain because it's big and won't fit in my pocket.  And I didn't want to walk around my local town with a camera hanging from my neck.   I think the RX100 is what I need.

I want to see if the price drops.  if not I will try to snag a M2.  Worth the extra money I think.  if the M1 goes down $100 I'd probably settle for that.

Thanks everyone, i"ll update the thread when I get it.

PS: A great time to arrive in new york, right in the heat wave!

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