Why Are Cameras Dying Off?

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Aah, nostaligia

This has been an interesting thread to read.  And it is an interesting contrast to so many of the threads I read in the Canon forums that I also frequent. Over "there" is significant angst about whether there will be a larger sensor or more megapixels tomorrow.  So there are some folks who don't think that the 22 megapixels they can get is enough.

What I wonder about is whether the people who seem content to make snapshots with their cell phones will be regret not having a more reliable and higher quality record of their lives some 25 or 50 or 100 years from now. The recent anniversary of the US Civil war incentivized me to rewatch the Ken Burns series about the Civil War.  It is remarkable how the living history of the era was preserved by pen and ink diaries and letters sent by the soldiers and their families (not to mention the American Colonial era captured by the letters of Abigail and John  Adams).  I wonder if my children's grandchildren will know anything about their grandparents or me because disposable email has replaced letter writing and low resolution digital images have replaced silver halide prints and Kodachrome.  Already my children have lost irreplaceable moments of their children's lives because they took few photos to start with, and many of those were lost in a computer crash.

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