New RX100 II review with RAW samples (Spanish)

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Re: checked the ARW quality in LR5

Popaj7 wrote:

According to your previous posts, could you, please, tell us is there any significant difference beetwen rx100 and rx100 m2 in quality in lower ISO?

Well, for some reason I couldn't download the lower ISO samples from Quesabesde. But judging by Imaging-resource's studio still life samples (for example ISO 200 and ISO 400), mkII shots have a bit less small detail than mkI shots.

Admittedly, I only have one set of good RAW sample images and from only one camera (from Imaging-resource), so even though I have heard that some other sites have drawn similar conclusions (and Queasabesde's ISO3200 ARW files from mkI and mkII have a quality difference similar to Imaging-resource's files), I'm interested in looking at more RAW studio samples.

I guess in the end it wouldn't make significant difference in practical use. But: I do like to talk about this matter, because Sony charges 250€ extra for the mkII and advertises the sensor as being a stop more sensitive, which looking at the RAW results, would appear to be rubbish. Any (small) noise reduction is achieved by producing softer images than from the mkI. This of course doesn't stop other improvements of the mkII from being obvious - like the tilting LCD, hot shoe and WIFI.

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