Looking for a Camera with an Interesting Look

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Re: Looking for a Camera with an Interesting Look

Mikachu wrote:

Well, by interesting look I meant something not too typical, like Canon S110 or some other entry models are

Thank you for pointing out the search/filter function in dpreview I'll try that

So far Casio JE10 and Panasonic XS1 got my attention, but they seem quite rare to find many reviews

Otherwise, Ricoh GR and Chobi Cam also look interesting, despite not meeting many of my criteria

It sounds like you should take some more time to research what you're after.  The Chobi Cam is a joke/toy camera.  The Ricoh GR is a serious and expensive photographer's tool.  If you need a GR, the Chobi Cam cannot possibly serve as a substitute.  If the Chobi cam is enough for you, then the GR would be a collossal waste of money.

I suggest you slow you roll and think this through a bit more.

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