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Re: A picture I took

brentbrent wrote:

I am not a very good photographer. I'm learning and trying to stretch a bit, and looking at others' work here really helps. I think what draws me to photography the most is that essence of capturing a moment. Life in made up of moments, and they pass by so swiftly. Sometimes just being able to freeze a moment and and then being able to take the time to see and look at the meaning of the moment, means so much. Even if the photo may not be a "10" on the artistic scale.

I confess that to a great degree, moments that I've captured in images may mean more to me than to others. I think that is completely OK, that photographs have a personal meaning that may not always translate to others.

Your photo may not have all the best technical attributes that a photography critic might be looking for. But to me, the smiling face of the caretaker and the light on her face, the rather dull and drab background, the presence of the walker, all speaks volumes. I know the photo and the meaning of the photo speaks to you, in your personal situation. And I see you, the photographer, in this image. Your photo brings tears to my eyes . . .

Your reply makes me feel there is hope for this country after all. Words such as these mean everything to me. God bless.


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Russell Smith
Eternity was in that moment.

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