Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: they took over a few years ago.

Sk8trguy wrote:

does anyone honestly believe that smartphones are not the #1 most used cameras in the world?

the honda accord and toyota camry were never the best performing cars, but that is what everyone buys and uses. same for smartphones, only now they are catching up in performance.

if you own a dslr, you own a niche product, that the majority of the world would never consider.

This is a great analogy.  Although I see it another way.  Yes, maybe Honda's and Toyota's are what "everyone buys and uses".  But when you think about Formula 1, do you think about an Accord, or a Camry?  Of course not, you think high performance racing cars (and yes I am aware that Honda and Toyota have been involved in racing).  So, yes, everyone buys Accords and Camry  just like everyone buys cell phones with cameras.  But when you have a high performance application (long distance wild life, fast actions sports, etc.) you don't reach for your cell phone, you reach for your dslr.

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