And now, Microsoft critics?

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And now, Microsoft critics?


Some time ago I predict a big change of camp (side) from the critics of Microsoft in general and Windows 8 (8.1) in particular.

Some of them are very respectful, since we can easily recognize that they know the subject and they already had contact with the products in discussion.

Others, clearly belong to a kind of VUVUZELA group, making noise for the noise and trying to appear as connoisseurs, when they never touched or understood the products in cause.

We already can see a sometimes non declared switch, but this will improve with time, specially when they get contact with the real stuff.

I recognize that there still are problems, but a big effort is being made to overcome them, including the new Microsoft restructuration.

I am happy with my Windows 8, after taking some "lessons" with the vendor and watching some tutorial videos and I don't miss a thing of windows 7, although being a great product.

Is there people to express constructive opinions without passion witch will avoid a noisy and useless discussion?

I sincerely hope so.

Best regards


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