Another travel lens - what would you do? question

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Re: Another travel lens - what would you do? question

Hi Craig

I normally ask the advice of you seasoned forum members as I'm a newbie to FF, but maybe I can give you my opinion as someone who lives in Europe.

I've been in Paris and Venice this year - both very nice and with fantastic architecture.  I took a few lenses with me on both trips but to tell the truth, I was fed up of changing them all the time and lugging the weight around.

I would take your 800e and either the 24-120VR or a 24-85VR when you go to a city, even just for one day, to see how you get on.

I've just bought a 24-85VR and plan to use that as my main lens on my D600.  I know many people will say it is not as sharp as the primes or more expensive zooms, but it's lighter, has VR, a good zoom range, and unless you plan to print at large sizes (you mentioned you will probably publish on the web) should be plenty sharp.

In Venice I was using a D90 + 16-85VR and found that 16mm (DX 24mm?) was plenty wide.  In Paris I used the D600 plus 18-35mm and the 18mm was good at times, so this is another lens you might consider's also very light and portable and not too expensive.  However, I think a 24-85 would have met all my requirements.

Btw - I took my tripod to Paris but never used it.  It was too busy, and as I was with my other half, it would have wasted too much time to set up, when the whole point of the trip was to enjoy the time with someone else.

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