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Re: Recent surge in DSLR sales not depicted

rovingtim wrote:

I'm not saying your graph is wrong, but there may be more information available than can be depicted in your graph. Also, yours is a projection whereas the graph I linked (claims) actual numbers.

The recent significant surge in DSLR sales is invisible on your graph.

The numbers are coming from the saem source -- CIPA, the association of Japanese camera manufacturers.

You can't see a surge is dslr sales because, first, the date is for shipments, not sales, and second because there is no surge.  So far in 2013, Dslr sales are down compared to the prior year.  Mirrorless sales are down a bit more.  So if you call that a surge ....

The projection is based on CIPA shipments through May.  I could have just ploted the May shipments which would show exactly the same relationship between mirrorless and dslr shipments.

The plot you reference was a very misleading, which is why I made this graphic in the first place.

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