Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Cell phones not taking over?

CharlesB58 wrote:

Some people responding on this thread appear to be threatened by the prospect of higher quality camera phones replacing DSLRs in the hands of some people. I'm wondering why that is an issue? The number of photos taken by phones and sent as messages, or uploaded to sites like Facebook or Flickr among others, already far exceeds those taken by DSLRs, so the OP is correct in any prediction that smartphones will replace DSLRs. It's a matter of WHO is choosing a phone over a DSLR.

When I photograph a concert, I see as many as half the audience holding up phones to take photos or videos. Some people will even get out of their seats and walk up to the stage for a closer shot. Most leave their flash on auto have well exposed shots of the back of people's heads. Those who turn off their flash usually still don't bother with any sort of exposure compensation and get the expected results of overexposed performers blurred by subject and/or camera motion.

Guess what?

Most of them don't care about the shortcomings of their photos because they are THEIR photos. Sure, I do get people, who've seen my photos posted to my client's page or other sites, asking me how I get the results I do. But none of them gave me the impression they were going to go out and buy a DSLR as a result.

It's inevitable that more convenient and cheaper will replaxe more versatile and expensive for most people. But what also happens is more people get involved in photography as a result. Look back to George Eastman introducing the Brownie or Kodak and the Instamatics.

Smartphone cameras are already a "threat" to DSLR users. Look at what happened at the Chicago Tribune. But unless you are a press photographer facing a layoff because your publisher wants to cut costs, there should be no reason to become defensive about smartphone cameras.

What many have taken issue with is that the OP did, in fact, suggest that phone cameras are on their way to replacing DSLRs.  This will happen no more than McDonald's is going to replace fine dining restaurants and good home cooking.

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