Depth of Field Preview feature ?

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Re: not likely to be the case

NexOffender wrote:

will222 wrote:

NexOffender wrote:

It's a NEX-6 by the way.

Is it correct that the NEX 6 does not have DOF preview through the viewfinder? I searched in the manual and there's no mention of DOF preview (I'm assuming DOF preview is always associated with the viewfinder but I could be wrong on that) but they might call it something else.

The manual says practically nothing about live view. There's this sentence on pg 58: "Allows you to choose whether or not to show the value of exposure compensation, etc. on the screen display." but that's the (vague) extent of the description.

The NEX-6 always has DOF preview through the EVF and on the screen because the lens is already stopped down. I guess there is no mention of it in the manual because it's not something you can turn on and off, and because it's a terrible manual. Turning off live view only stops the display brightness and colour from changing as you adjust the settings.

That's right.

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