Does anyone use the DOF button?

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Re: DOF works just fine

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

tko wrote:

The DOF button doesn't really work for normal situations. The viewfinder isn't set up to show you ture DOF and it's too dark.

What? The DOF button sets the physical aperture opening on the lens to your set value. The Viewfinder shows you what you see through the lens...

He's kind of right. The ground glass of the focussing screen gives the impression of more depth of field than the image that is produced on the sensor/film.

Check it out some time. On a fast lens, take a look through the view finder and then take a picture and check it out on the screen. The DOF in the captured imaged will be way shallower than what you see through the view finder.

For this reason, the DOF preview button is pretty much useless due to it's inability to accurately represent the actual DOF of the final image.

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