the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

Steve Bingham wrote:

We shall see. I have been wrong before - but right more often. I really think the D4x would have sports shooters as primary customers. Sometimes dim lighting - sometimes really rough conditions (think about a football photographer being blown over by a 250 pound running back). I think a higher fps and higher ISO, combined with a really tough camera will go a long ways. But that's just an opinion (I worked my way through college as a sports photographer and got knocked on my a$$ many times.)

That makes no sense. The single digit X cameras have never been aimed at sports shooters and the D4 already does everything you are talking about way better than a 36mp camera ever could with this generation of technology. Actually what you are describing is more inline with what the D4S will likely be, probably with less megapixels than 36 though.  No one is going to buy a D4X over a D4 or the probable future D4S for sports shooting since the D4/D4S is/will be specifically designed for that whereas the D4X won't be even if it is 36MP.

The D4X will be like the D3X was, the high resolution king, flagship, "WOW" camera designed to show off what Nikon can do. With only 36 megapixels and only like 6 fps no sports shooters will want it and everyone else will be just as well served with the D800 for less than half the price. There would be no compelling reason to get a D4X over a D4 or a D800 if it is only 36 megapixels and 6 fps. Instead of showing off what Nikon can do in an impressive way like a 50+mp, camera nipping at the heels of Medium format would, at the same MPs as the D800 it would just leave people thinking "It's a D4 with a D800 sensor in it, so what?" Very few if any people would pay more than double the price of a D800 for a little better build quality and a couple more fps. In fact for the same IQ most would probably prefer the D800 to lugging around a D4X even if they were the same price. However with 50+ or even just 48 megapixels the D4X would be the ultimate studio/landscape 35mm DSLR with no competitors in the same format being close to it and would even be a competitor to lower end Medium format systems.

On a side note I wouldn't be too surprised to see a new AF system in the D4X either just to offer even more incentive to get it over the D800 which will be the D4X's main competitor and because as I said before the part of the point of the high end flagship cameras is to give Nikon a chance to show off their best tech. The new AF would probably end up in the D4S and D800S as well if such cameras are released.

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