Depth of Field Preview feature ?

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Re: not likely to be the case

When I stop down to f/22 and press the DOF preview button, I can see the aperture stop-down from f/5.6 to f/22. There is no full time DOF preview in a Panasonic m4/3.

Try macro or close-up at f/22. It's not even close to what you see in the EVF with an autofocus lens. I get the depth of field with an all manual aperture legacy lens at the aperture set, but not an AF lens beyond the physical aperture prior to the auto stop-down, unless I use DOF preview. Then add Shutter Speed Effect to see the exposure and the full effect of the film mode used.

There are so many enhancements with the micro 4/3 that it's hard to distinguish the individual effects, but there is no constant DOF preview. Most users just never stop down enough to notice, or rely on the Quick Review to make adjustments shot by shot.

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