"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Re: "I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

I think photographers took a few different approaches to this challenge.  Some people included wires in photos that were intended to look beautiful (artistic, etc.).  Nothing wrong with this approach.  Others decided to focus (heh) on the ugly aspect of wires.  Nothing wrong with this approach as well.

Having said that, I don't find the top finishers in this challenge interesting images in terms of their composition, but I guess I can (unlike you) see how others might.  I suspect that--if I had voted in this challenge--those top finishers would have received votes of around 2.0 (maybe as low as 1.5, maybe as high as 2.5)

I, personally, am happy any time there is a challenge where there does not seem to be obvious examples of cheating/vote-manipulation.  So, with that bar being set so low, this challenge result does not bother me as much as in many many other challenges. 

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