Depth of Field Preview feature ?

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not likely to be the case

NexOffender wrote:

Yep, you can watch the aperture open and close as you adjust the dial.

I seriously doubt that this is due to an aperture preview function. The LCD/VF image brightness on some cameras changes in live view to reflect the meter reading to help you see the effects of your exposure, but the aperture remains wide open throughout. Mirrorless cameras use cdaf (contrast detect auto focus) which requires the lens be wide open to work most effectively.

Check to see if your camera has a "preview" feature to assign to a function button and use it to see what happens when the lens is actually stopped down.  But, when you test it, be sure to set an aperture that is down several stops from wide open, or you won't see much difference when you press the preview button.

If you find that your mirrorless camera live view is actually showing the result of stoping down the aperture, I would appreciate knowing what camera you are using.

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