NEX FF, Fuji too?

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Re: NEX FF, Fuji too?

nemist wrote:

Do you guys think Fuji will put out a FF ILC?

I tend to think yes and no. They know how to make lenses, seem to understand how to make and market cameras for pure photographers (the one's who'd buy such a camera). I also think if they want to be a serious player in the mirrorless world, they have to follow suit. It's like when Canon FF and Nikon didn't. And the way Pentax has lost so many users to FF DSLR systems.

On the other hand, Fuji didn't put out a x100 FF (RX1) to feel the market and try their tech out. But maybe they let Sony do that for them. Fuji seems to be quite aggressive (in a wonderful way) about body and lens release and generally capturing the market.

Then again, Fuji photo division isn't profitable (I have read), they are newer to the game than Sony, it's a large investment and a smaller market, and their have wonderful sensor tech that compares favorably...

What do you guys think, and when?

No. It would be totally unnecessary IMO.

Gone are the days where full frame had a massive advantage in IQ over APS-C size. That is just not the case anymore. I haven't yet seen a single image from the Sony RX1 that is streets ahead in IQ from what the X-Trans APS-C sensor can deliver. In fact it is sometimes the opposite. Yes, I know a hotly debatable point but that's the way I see it.

Lets not also forget about the issue surrounding the size and weight of the full frame lenses.

Full frame = NO thanks.

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