Flash 4 Samsung 20 MP APSC camera line up

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Re: Flash 4 Samsung 20 MP APSC camera line up

Waltersmatthews wrote:

I have 4 Nikon Flashes, 2-800's 1-600 and 1-700, I also have the Canon 580 and the Pentax top of the line, I forget its number, can I just fire them, say in half power manually and guess at distances and exposure like we did in film days? I have had to do that once with my Canon 1Ds camera and a Nikon SB800 once when my Canon flash quit on me.

Apparently there is no off the shelf good solution....

I used my SB-700 on my NX20 for a while.  You have to disable power off on it so it doesn't go to sleep on you.  I don't have the flash any more so I can't verify it still functions properly on the NX300, maybe someone else can?

As I said, the Metz 44 AF-1 is a TTL flash for the Samsung NX, but you can't buy it in the US, have to order it over seas right now.


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