remove firework smoke in PS

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Re: remove firework smoke in PS

b4cktr4ck wrote:

thanks for the suggestion, I tried that but was not able to retain the details in the bridge's lights and didn't get the benefit you mentioned for the lights using a low opacity

If applying the blue channel effect via the mask deminishes the lighting then it's probable that you have overdone it with the white brush. Change the colour of the brush to black to undo over the lighting only.

To preserve the lights prior to dealing with the smoke, another suggestion might be to Ctrl - click on the RGB channel in the channels palette for a 'marching ant selection' of the lights, ctrl - J to copy them to a new layer, deactivate (hide) this layer by clicking on the icon in the layers palette, deal with the smoke as suggested on the layer below and then activate the copy of the lights layer. Play with the blend modes i.e. screen, soft light, etc

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