Am I delusional?

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Re: Am I delusional?

Steinhansel wrote:

No, you aren't delusional but the pictures from the old camera were good, but they still were taken with a 4mp camera, with all of the known limitations.

I have a P7700, which I bought when I got to old (compromised) to drag it around all over the world. My neck just couldn't take the weight of the lenses that i asked it to carry, such as my beloved Sigma 17-50 f2.8 and my Sigma 105 f2.8 HSM OS, both weighty propositions.

As good as the p7700 is, the color depth, sharpness and Dynamic Range can't begin to compare with that of a real DSLR. But, alas, those are the sacrifices one makes in order to just get the picture.

Everyone can make choices but only some will be happy with them.


A voice of reason.  They say the biggest surprise in a man's life is old age.  Too old to carry a DSLR with a Sigma 17-50 because of neck problems?  I'm sure I'll be there some day but I'm going to my gym every day and lifting to forestall that eventuality.

It's true.  No matter how good my P7100 (or your P7700) can be, it just can't compare.  That's why I still carry a DSLR every time I go out to shoot.

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