Is it design of new GX?

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Re: Is it design of new GX?

Sean Nelson wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

GX7 might be great, but .... useless gimmicks like battery-draining WiFi and tilting EVF for the same high price are not it...

You're making the mistake of thinking that a feature that's not useful to you can't be useful to anyone. That's clearly not the case. WiFi is something I find to be very useful because I'm often mounting the camera somewhere to shoot a video and then controlling it remotely.

Why? How is it better than pressing a button on the camera itself?

(a) because I can't reach the button, and (b) because I want to be able to frame the scene when I can't see the viewfinder. I often mount my camera on a tall pole for high angle shots, and it's WiFi that makes this possible.

Another use for wifi is to immediately transfer a photo to a monitor.  Lots of studio photographers work with their cameras tethered to a laptop.  Having built-in wifi makes this mode of operation more convenient.

Wedding photographers might use this feature to automatically backup their images, while shooting, onto a portable drive.

In today's always-connected world, it's strange to condemn wifi on a digital camera as a "gimmick."

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