Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

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Re: Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

BubbaHotepUK wrote:

Get both

I've got both the RX100 and the HX20V, the predecessor to the HX50V.

Both are great cameras, the HX20V is a general purpose "Swiss Army Knife", the RX100 more akin to a scalpel.

The HX20V trumps the RX100 in terms of reach, video and macro, but in sheer IQ & manual control the HX20V is a long, long way behind the RX100. I imagine the HX50V is the same (if not worse, since they've crammed an extra 2 million pixels onto the same size sensor in the HX50V).

Really interested in your opinion regarding video quality, both outside in daylight and indoors in poor/normal lighting.

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