Nikon Profit Margins

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employee purchases can happen in different ways

T O Shooter wrote:

Here's a hint. Here in Toronto a D4 sells for $5999 plus tax. I bought a never used D4 from an employee of a big box retailer for $4500 and the only thing that had been out of the box was the body and battery. I put actuation number 1 on it.

The employee's price on that D4 ( I have the original copy of the receipt ) was under $4000 So it should be safe to assume that the big box store paid less than that. Do the math.

I don't know how Nikon Canada works in this regard, so note that caveat.

I do know how Nikon USA used to work (a little over a decade ago when I was a Nikon sales rep). In those days, employees of authorized Nikon retailers could purchase Nikon products directly from Nikon USA for less than dealer wholesale cost (about 10% less, but it varied a little by product).

Also, as a Nikon rep, I could sometimes get refurbished merchandise for my dealers' employees, at an employee purchase price (not often, but occasionally) and that could be quite an amazing deal, depending on the product.

So just a couple notes of caution; hard to make valid extrapolations from one transaction, especially when the exact details aren't perfectly known.

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