NEX FF, Fuji too?

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Re: NEX FF, Fuji too?

nemist wrote:

Then again, Fuji photo division isn't profitable (I have read), they are newer to the game than Sony, it's a large investment and a smaller market, and their have wonderful sensor tech that compares favorably...

What do you guys think, and when?

Interesting comment.

Fuji has been in the film and camera business for many years and I'd have to double check but I think they've been making interchangeable lens cameras longer than Sony.

Sony is basically an electronics company that got into the camera business and Fuji has basically always been an imaging company.

Like I said, I'll have to double check this. I could be wrong. Can't remember what the first Fuji interchangeable lens camera was. It may have been the S5.

I do think Sony has been making digital point & shoot cameras a couple of years longer than Fuji.

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