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John Ellis Contributing Member • Posts: 536
I will for sure!

I unwittingly got a grey market S2, and of course, there is no converter with it at all, so I need one to use RAW files at all. So yes, I would certainly buy it (Capture One) if it were available. There really is not much else out there except the PS plug-in, and I only have PS Elements 2. John Ellis

George Vardas wrote:

I've been emailing Phaseone with requests to support the S2 Pro
over the last few days and it seems that they are uncertain for the
need to support S2 raw at present!
I received an email from them requesting people to confirm if they
would be intrested in Capture One for the S2
Please anyone thats intrested either email them or email me and
I'll forward this with proof that there are more than a few
intrested in this excellent software!

This is not a hype or a joke - Please email them if your're
intrested and request support for S2 raw!

How many S2 users could you make sign up on
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From: George Vardas []
Sent: 22. maj 2003 18:22
To: Phase One DSLR Support
Subject: Re: Fuji S2 Pro

Please Consider seriously - There are a lot of S2 users out there -
Check out the Fuji SLR forum at
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From: Phase One DSLR Support
To: George Vardas
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 4:41 PM
Subject: RE: Fuji S2 Pro

We are considering!
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From: George Vardas []
Sent: 21. maj 2003 21:37
To: Marketing DK
Subject: Fuji S2 Pro

Will Capture One DSLR Support the Fuji S2 Pro in the near future?

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John Ellis

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