Another travel lens - what would you do? question

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Another travel lens - what would you do? question

I'm experienced at traveling, and I've carried lots of gear for years.  Often two bodies with complementary lenses.

And I'm just getting old enough with back problems to need to start cutting the weight down.   I've got about 3 months before a big trip to Europe (mostly cruising the Mediterranean) with a lot of shore excursions involving walking.

I'll be carrying a D800e.   The question is what lens or lenses will I compromise on to keep the weight from crushing my back and knees after 12 days of cruise stops.

I have a waist bag, and the gear has to fit inside it.

I'm (very slightly) open to the possibility of getting a 28-300 zoom, but I really don't want to go that route.   I wasn't happy with my 18-200vr on a D200 from an IQ standpoint, and my standard now is the D800e with the holy trinity.

I'm still going to have a backpack full of gear.   I'll for sure have a Sigma 35F1.4 and Nikon 85F1.8g with me, but I'm not going to take a few primes for walk-around shore excursions.  I'll need zoom flexbility.

The cruise, by the way, starts in Venice and goes to Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Marseille and Barcelona.

My options:   D800e with 24-70 and build around that.    I feel like I'm going to want more range, and for me I'd rather have longer than wider.  24mm tends to be wide enough for me on FX.

My current thinking is:

1. 24-70 only.    I love this lens, and within its range it's very good.   Simply give up on longer shots or do a lot of heavy cropping with the D800e.   Since most of my shots are viewed via web page now, that's pretty viable.

2. 24-70 coupled with one longer zoom.   I could take my 80-400vr.   I could take my 70-200F2.8.   Bother are pretty heavy.    I'm strongly considering a 70-200F4 here.   I'm not worried about the price either.

3. Replace 24-70 with 24-120, and stay with a single zoom.   This has a lot of appeal for me.   Again, not worried about the price.

4. 24-120F4 AND a 70-200 F4.   (Even consider a 16-35F4 to make a F4 'travel set').    I have a feeling I'd not use the 70-200 that much.

I have the 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 F2.8 VR II.    I cannot fit the 14-24 in my waist bag, so it's likely to not make the trip at all or stay in the backpack except perhaps touring Venice.

The weight of all this lovely gear is just causing me too many issues for walking tours.

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