The Yawning Gap in M4/3 Lens Lineup

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Re: Telephoto reach and the crop factor advantage fallacy

inasir1971 wrote:

As has been said a 300mm lens is a 300mm lens whether it is used with a full frame sensor or an APS-C or a M43 one. The lens will form the same image regardless of the sensor.

All the crop factor does is crop out the relevant portion of the image. A smaller crop factor image can always be obtained from a larger sensor. A M43 crop can be applied to any image captured by an APS-C sensor by simply cropping the portion of the image that would fall within the central 17.3mm x 13mm section of the image.

What matters is how much information is captured within that portion - i.e. how many pixels are there within that area.

On a current generation 24MP Nikon DX sensor this crop would measure 4398px x 3312px. This compares with M43 resolution with the latest 16MP sensors of 4608px * 3456px. Negligible - less than a 5% linear difference. What matters for reach are pixel density and lens focal length.

We already know that with telephoto lenses size is more determined by focal length and aperture, than anything else.

There isn't going to be any 'reach' or lens size advantage but there are disadvantages to using M43's for telephoto such as AF systems that are not designed for tracking, bodies that are designed for size rather than mounting heavy/large lenses, and small power sources that may not be sufficient to power large AF motors and VR systems.

IMO, It just makes more sense to buy another body (DSLR) that already has available lenses and is designed to do precisely this.

But I already have that: a 500mm f4.5 Canon and 40D.   I really want to get rid of those and get a M4/3 with 400mm f5.6

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