Cell phones not taking over?

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Who cares what non-enthsiasts use? I'm here because I am an enthusiast. I'm also into high end audio. Do you think I care that most people listen to MP3s on the crummy ear buds that came with their phones? Do you think those will kill off high end audio gear for enthusiasts? I'm also into astronomy. Do you think I care that most people never even look at the night sky with their eyes much less own a telescope? Do you think that kills telescopes for enthusiasts?

you say, 'who cares', but i you always get very defensive in threads that mention the explosion of smartphone use, and the stagnation of dslr sales.

if you really don't care, why do you keep posting in thread about cell phones?

Because this site is not about those who don't care about photography! Take the cell phone garbage to facebook or connect or something at least until they because more than bottom-end compact competitors.

It is beyond arrogant for you to be the judge about who does and does not care about photography based on their technology choices. That's a ridiculous statement.

I think it's quite correct. The vast (vast) majority of people who shoot with cell phones do so because they don't really care very much. Sure, there are exceptions, but they aren't driving the explosion of cell phone photography, those that don't care are.

Whether you happen to like it or not, the reality is that the camera technology is changing rapidly in all market segments, including cell phones.

I'd argue it's changing very slowly or not at all. My SLRs are 8 and 9 years old, and the new ones are only slightly different. My 3-year-old compact is in many ways better than what is available now, and the new upgrades tend to be exceptionally minor. The cell phone camera is really very much the same now as it was 4 years ago - it's a moderate resolution, fixed lens, fixed focal length camera with a small sensor, just like a low-end ($40) compact is.

I'll just let that speak for itself.  I'd be interested in a specific example of a smartphone from 2009 that is comparable to what's widely available in 2013.  Or an SLR from 2004 that's comparable to what is widely available today in the same market segment.

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