the D4x is coming.

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Re: D4x don't think so...

Zvonko wrote:

fft81 wrote:

If i had extra $6K to burn I'd rather add 200 f/2 or 300 f/2.8 to my d800 instead of a 50 MPX camera. Visually you only be increasing resolution by a factor of 1.2 from 36mpx on d800 to anticipated 54mpx on d4x. I doubt d4x would be 54 MPX, probably closer to 48MPX. Based on 12MP APSC sensor in d90 they could have made 30MPX d3X but they stopped at 24MPX. The current 54MPX guess for d4X is based on 24MPX APSC sensor, so chances are it wont go that high.

d3X has worse iq and iso performance than d800.

Sure you might say that but i have plenty of lenses. I have the original 300 2.8 MF (beautiful lens) and find it easy to focus even shooting fast paced sports.

The are discussions here or in the DX forums about how cool the older cameras like even the D200 are now. I may get one on Ebay. I remember the colour straight from the sensor at low ISO was fabulous. The D2x even better. And I know it's not about the sensor (before those guys jump on my thoughts) but it is what I see it to be and if I can sell it, then it works for me.

I love the files from the D3x and it's a beast.

I must admit though that I'm looking at the 28 1.4D for almost that kind of money. I regret that I don't have one of that lens.

Or if I could find a 300 f2 monster.

1. Yes older cameras still work just as well as they did when they were released. If you going to claim that d200 has great colors off sensor at base ISO, you need to say as compared to what. Of course d200 will outclass a d3xxx, d5xxx and maybe d7xxx; but i bet d300s is way better than d200, but at higher price. D400 will be even better. D3X was a great camera; and it still produces great pictures; it probably even out resolves d4 at base ISO; but i doubt d3x has any upper hand on d800 other than the ergonomics of built in grip and overall toughness. At high iso d3x will loose t d4 and d800. If you are going to go to do studio work or shoot landscape in Afghanistan and likely to have you camera ran over by a tank every so often, d3x is the camera for you. In all other cases d800 is a better choice. For sports, or journalism i can see justifying d3s vs d800 although d4 would be the best choice.

2. Lenses are irrelevant in this discussion; because high quality lenses will work well on all cameras of d200 or higher class. D800 gave new life to my 50mm f/1.4 ais as well as recently purchased 400 f/3.5. I am sure these lenses would work just as well on d3x, d4x but putting them on d3 or d3s or d4 seems like a waste of d3 or d3 or d4s, i cant accurately focus MF lens at 9fps. Totally different use of d4/d3/s vs d3x/d800.

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