Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: Did you read the rest of the article?

Darrell Spreen wrote:

Jeff wrote:

That year-old article was based on a Mintel report, found here http://www.mintel.com/press-centre/technology-press-centre/sales-of-digital-cameras-decline-as-consumers-snap-up-smartphones, which said 45 percent of UK adults use smartphone for photography. 40% use digital cameras or camcorders exclusively. So it seems that the mass market adoption of smartphones for photography is well underway in the UK

Regrettably, you've left out many parts of the story -- distorting the report.

For example:

"Furthermore, today, just under one in ten (8%) UK adults – equating to 3 million consumers – now claim that they are likely to use a smartphone instead of replacing their current camera when it breaks."


"Today, as many as 80% of all consumers capture photos with a digital camera or camcorder and some four in ten (40%) only use a digital camera or camcorder."

Aren't you ashamed!?

No, of course not. Regarding distorting the report, did you notice that the title was "Sales of digital cameras decline as consumers snap up smartphones"?

And think about the quotes you're citing. It' evidence that 15 months adults in the UK were using their cell phones cameras in significant numbers, and that those numbers would grow. On a worldwide basis, all the evidence since then has borne that out.

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