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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg stealing a camera lens from a tourist

Thank you for posting this. I had heard of teams of two doing this (one to distract, one to release and grab the lens) and told myself to always keep a hand on my camera lens, particularly in crowds or if approached unexpectedly.  I'm a pretty big guy, so I thought this would cover most situations, so this video was an eye opener for me:

  • There were (at least) six thieves in the gang.  Nobody wins a 6 on 1.
  • They converged quickly on the victim and had him isolated and surrounded in seconds.
  • The lens was off the camera and in possession of one of the thieves before the victim even realized he was being mugged.
  • Once they had the lens it was pretty much game over.  There was a well rehearsed plan to hide the lens from the victim (notice how the big guy kept between the victim and the thief making off with the lens), and disperse quickly. 

Based on this, I'll now be even more careful about going to high risk locations alone; and about making myself a target by carrying an expensive camera/lens around my neck in plain sight.

Thanks again for the reminder.  There is a good chance you saved somebody a very bad experience.

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